ErrNET Functions, Features & Benefits

Writing errors have become an epidemic and are seen in academia, websites, professional news outlets, etc. In addition to carelessness and apathy, a major source of errors stems from the low quality of instruction in our educational system. To address this issue, we developed an instructive proofread program, ErrNET, that is guaranteed to improve your writing skills and prevent writing errors.


ErrNET Functions & Features

Instructive – ErrNET is an instructive, automated proofreading program that works in the cloud – nothing to install. It provides a detailed description for each error detected. Descriptions, displayed in the right margin of the document, include rules of grammar, which are guaranteed to reinforce English writing rules, and improve your writing skills.

Comprehensive – ErrNET currently detects 10 times more errors than other programs on the market. Please see the “Common Errors in English” section in our library for samples of errors detected by ErrNET. Our staff of linguists and writers is constantly mining documents, articles, etc. for new errors. ErrNET is updated monthly with these new error-checks.

“Harmon Press has been using ErrNET for several years. As a publisher, it provides invaluable help in finding errors in manuscripts that the “reading eye” often overlooks. I recommend it highly for any projects that you may have that needs an “electronic eye” to add to your “human eye” for error alerts.”

Winn Griffin. D.Min.
Harmon Press

Accurate – We pride ourselves on the accuracy of ErrNET, an essential quality for any proofreading software. Our technology allows us to test ErrNET in the “real world” against naturally occurring writing errors. Our exhaustive testing protocol keeps “false positives” to a minimum.

Writing Readability – Clear, concise writing is essential for optimizing your readers’ comprehension, and for holding their attention. ErrNET’s Readability Report provides a Readability Score (1-10) ranging from “very difficult” to “easy” to read. The score is calculated primarily by the number of long paragraphs and sentences (greater than 40 words) contained in your document. ErrNET’s revolutionary technology provides suggestions to shorten sentences by highlighting verbose, redundant and unnecessary phrases to be removed.

Broken Links – Broken websites links (URLs) are a common problem. They can happen at any time when a website or page is moved or no longer available. This error also occurs by human error when the link is mistyped. ErrNET automatically “activates” all URLs within your writing to verify links point to live webpages and are working properly.

Cumbersome Links – Long links with symbols, numbers etc. are unattractive and are often broken by margin ends and page breaks. ErrNET includes Tiny URL technology ( and will detect long links and suggest much shorter and manageable versions.

Simple To Use – Simply drag-and-drop your document into our website portal and the results will be available in just seconds!

Efficient – ErrNET processes 300 pages per minute, so results are usually obtained in just seconds!

Compatibility – ErrNET works with all .txt files, such as Microsoft Word, and Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

ErrNET Benefits

ErrNET benefits anyone who writes, particularly the following users:

Students – Learn the correct usage of the English language to improve grades, become a more polished communicator with the written word, and be more competitive in the job market.

Parents – Give your kids the competitive edge, and help them improve their grades by making them better writers. Use ErrNET for your own writing too. A single ErrNET license covers the entire household.

Non-Native English Speakers – Valuable English instruction with “real world” text. Teaches and reinforces the rules of the English language, and all its subtleties, which are not taught in the classroom.

Authors – Save time and reduce copyediting costs. ErrNET’s extra “set of eyes” is guaranteed to find subtle errors in your writing, no matter how many times it has been proofread.

Professionals – Professional image means everything in business. Unfortunately, no matter how good your writing is, you will be remembered by just one simple error. Use ErrNET to improve and maintain your professional image!

Website Owners – It has been proven that a single spelling mistake will cut online sales in half (see BBC article). Check your website copy and links with ErrNET to increase sales and maintain your professional image.