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Able to

Inanimate things or objects are not able to care about your feelings.
However, ErrNET copyediting technology cares deeply about your writing errors.

Only People are able to do things. Avoid using this phrase when referring to inanimate objects.
For example, “the computer was able to calculate the answer” is incorrect.
An example of a correct form of this phrase would be: “the computer calculated the answer”.

Correct usage:

He was able to play the piano at a very early age.

Mozart was able to compose a full-scale symphony at the age of seven.

The allied forces were able to invade and conquer the mutual enemy.

Incorrect usage:

With artificial intelligence, computers are able to perform many human tasks.

A sit-down mower is fast and is able to mow a lawn in half the time as a push mower.

A cup of coffee is able to keep one awake.



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