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Accept vs Except

They all accept your dinner invitation except one, who will not be able to attend.
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Accept is to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor.

Except is not including; other than.

Because of their similar spellings and pronunciations, these words are often misused.

Accept sentence examples:

They should accept the dinner invitation to discuss the new business ideas.

His son did not accept the terms of his inheritance.

The teacher would only accept type-written papers.

Fortunately, her mom was very cool and understanding and accepted the fact that her daughter was a lesbian.

One day, the ingenious entrepreneur would have to accept the fact that he was a lousy student but brilliant at starting successful companies.

Although she was drop-dead gorgeous, she would never accept the fact that she was beautiful due to the insecurities that her parents instilled in her.

She was very limber and in very good shape but she would ultimately have to accept the reality that she was too old to compete in the Olympics.

After arguing with the police officer, he ultimately had to accept that he was guilty of the traffic infraction.

Except sentence examples:

Everyone was there except Peter; he could not make it due to a previous engagement.

He had no family members left except his brother.

I told her everything except one piece of information that I need to keep secret for her protection.

The misprinted gay pride flag included every color except red.

His vintage record collection included all of The Who albums except “Tommy Live”.

When he got to his hotel and unpacked his suitcase, he realized that he packed everything except his toiletries.

He brought all the wines to the dinner party that he wanted everyone to try, except his cherished Pinot Noir, which was too sentimental to him.



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