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Accidently vs Accidentally

It’s okay if accidently is accidently spelled accidentally.
Both spellings are correct. It is no accident that ErrNET rocks!

The correct spelling of this word is often in question. Both spellings accidently and accidentally are correct.

Accidently and accidentally sentence examples:

He accidently spilled his milk.

He also accidentally spilled his milk.

He accidently backed his car in to another car, and then accidentally spilled his coffee when he got out to check the damage.

The girl accidentally tripped on the sprinkler head and skinned her knee.

She accidently got pregnant, gave birth to the child, but accidentally never told the father she was pregnant.

According to Forbes magazine, Paul Allen accidentally became a billionaire.

The boy accidently threw the Frisbee too hard and it ended up breaking the neighbor’s window.

Michael Bolton accidentally pursued a singing career, which ultimately embarrassed the real Michael Bolton in the cult classic movie Office Space.

The police officer accidently shot the perpetrator six times, reloaded, and shot him another six times.

The young Michael Moore accidently left his facts at home when he challenged the brilliant economist Milton Freeman.

The company bookkeeper accidentally reported false figures for the year, and was later indicted with embezzlement charges.

Unfortunately, the surgeon accidentally poked himself with a needle from an HIV positive patient that he was operating on.

Former US President Bill Clinton accidently smoked pot when in college, which is okay since it’s legal in several states, and he didn’t inhale.

The girl had way too much to drink at the party and accidentally spilled secrets about her best friend that she promised to keep private.

The major league baseball pitcher claimed that his pitch accidently hit the batter in the head, but the opposing team did not believe him.

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney accidently shot his friend in the face with a shotgun during a hunting trip.



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