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Accuracy vs Precision

In most contexts, accuracy and precision are synonymous.
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In colloquial, or informal writing, accuracy, accurate, precision, and precise can be used synonymously to mean “the quality or state of being correct or exact”.

In the context of science, engineering, industry, and statistics, accuracy and precision are deliberately contrasted. Accuracy is the degree of closeness of a measurement of a quantity to that quantity’s true value. The precision of a measurement is the degree to which repeated measurements, under unchanged conditions, show the same results.

Accuracy and precision sentence examples:

The accuracy of the oven temperature was determined by several auxiliary thermometers.

The oven was heated to 350 degrees several times, and it heated to this temperature in precisely three minutes, plus or minus two seconds.

The new rifle prototype was test fired in the laboratory to determine its accuracy.

To determine the precision of the new rifle prototype, the rifle was locked in place and test fired by a computer over one thousand times.

The New York Times editor-in-chief questioned the accuracy of the information reported in Michael Finkel’s article on the African slave trade.

His New York Times paper was delivered precisely at 5AM every morning.

The dinner party guest could not comment on how accurate her gossip about the neighbors was.

Her dinner party quests are punctual and always arrived precisely at 6PM.

The ingredients for the new carbonated beverage had to be accurately measured or the beverage would taste bitter.

Each batch of the new carbonated beverage had to be precisely duplicated or the beverage would taste bitter.

Although your vehicle’s speedometer reads a certain speed, they are not always accurate.

Before a car can be advertised as reaching 60 miles per hour in a certain time, the reproducibility of this time, or its precision, must first be verified.

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