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Ad vs Add

The marketing company suggested that online ads would add a lot of exposure and sales.
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Ad is a common abbreviation for ‘advertisement.’

Add is to increase in size, number, or amount.

These words are types of homonyms that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings.

Ad and Add sentence examples:

The television ad was about a new cereal that included important vitamins, minerals, and fiber and was a great food to add to your diet.
Online ads are a great way to generate new sales and should be added to any marketing campaign, if not already included.
A Super Bowl ad generally costs about one million US dollars per minute to air, which makes it cost prohibitive for most companies to add this type of advertising to their marketing campaigns.
If a company invests in an ad campaign to promote their product or products, they should add up the new sales generated to determine whether they should continue with certain ads.
The upbeat military ads were an attempt by the government to add support for the useless war that they were currently engaged in.
The national ads for the new currency, which the government spent a fortune on, added nothing but spite to the mindset of taxpayers.
If it were possible to add up all the money that world’s companies spend on adds, it would likely be in the multi-billion dollar range.
The ad for the new breakthrough plant fertilizer claims that it will add at least three years of life to your plants.
The television ad demonstrated a new garden hose on the market that came in three sections, and when the sections were added together, the hose was 300 feet long.
They should add more dialogue to their ad because no one knows what they are advertising.

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