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Affect vs Effect

Affect vs Effect. Two very common mistakes made in writing because of their similar spellings and pronunciations. Want to be certain you never misuse them?

Affect is most commonly used in its verb form, which means to influence; to produce a change in.

Effect is most commonly used in its noun form, which means something brought about; a result.

Affect and effect used in these forms are the most commonly confused and misused words in the English language.
This is due in part to their similar spellings and pronunciations.

The rare uses of affect and effect are:

Affect as a noun is a psychiatric term that means an expressed or observed emotional response.

Effect as a verb is not common, but acceptable in rare cases. It means to produce a result; to cause something to occur; to bring about an outcome.

Affect sentence examples:

Many factors affect the sound of a piano, including location, temperature, and humidity.

These studies demonstrate how genetic engineering could affect crop production.

Controlling parents negatively affect how a child will develop as an adult.

Weather conditions typically affect the total number of tourist that visit each season.

Her words were powerful and would usually affect his behavior.

The new laser eye treatment had great results for vision in the short-term, but long-term, doctors have no idea how it will affect eyesight.

Effect sentence examples:

The goal of this study was to determine the effect genetic engineering has on crop production.

The visual effect of the three-dimensional artwork was stunning.

He had no idea what the effect would be on his family when he filed for a divorce.

The concert engineer designed a new special effect that made the show outstanding and very memorable.

The long-term effect the new medication had on her liver would take years to determine.

The positive effect that the legalization of gay marriage has on society is already being seen.



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