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Aid vs Aide

Your aide inquired about a hearing aid. This will aid your hearing so that I don’t need to yell. Let ErrNET aid in preventing writing errors.

As a verb, aid is to provide what is useful or necessary.
As a noun, aid is the act of helping or assisting someone to provide what is useful or necessary, such as “first aid” or a “hearing aid.”

Aide, a noun, is a person whose job is to assist someone.

These words, commonly confused and misused, are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings.

Aid sentence examples:

Although the hearing aid helped him hear, it did nothing to help him listen.

The young boy was always there to aid the elderly in crossing the street safely.

Everyone should know first aid because a medical emergency can happen at any time and place without warning.

A tutor can aid a student in learning, but ultimately, the student needs to be motivated to learn to be successful.

A flight simulator can aid a novice pilot in the basics of flying, but as far as learning to fly, it is not nearly as useful as actually flying a plane.

Aide sentence examples:

A personal aide is useful to any busy person with many diverse tasks that need to be completed by the end of each day.

He ultimately fired his aide because of his suspicion that she was stealing money from the company.

She was initially hired as an aide to an executive but worked her way up to a management position in just three years.

A profession golf caddy is much more than an aide; they are a critical consultant to the golfer for each play of the game.

A domestic aide, such as a housekeeper, is a wonderful thing and frees one up to enjoy life more.

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