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Air vs Err vs Heir

Air vs Err vs Heir. These words are easily confused but to err is human. Remove the human factor of misusing them with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Air as a noun is the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen; an impression of a quality or manner given by someone or something.
Air as a verb is to express (an opinion or grievance) publicly; expose (a room) to the open air to ventilate it; broadcast (a program) on radio or television.

Err is to go astray in thought or belief; be mistaken; be incorrect; sin; do wrong.

Heir is a person who inherits or has a right of inheritance in the property of another following the latter’s death.

Because of their identical pronunciations, these words are regularly confused and misused in the English language.

Air sentence examples:

I’m going to step outside and get a breath of fresh air.

He was grateful that he was finally allowed to air his opinion on the matter.

Hopefully, technology will constantly improve so that the fuels we burn will not continue to pollute the air that we breathe.

A great relaxation technique is to take a deep breath until your lungs fill with air.

After 25 years, the radio station went off the air.

Err sentence examples:

The Chief Justice of the United States cannot afford to err in his ruling decision of the critical court case.

He would err in everything he began or got involved with, which ultimately wrecked his life.

Use ErrNET copyediting technology to never err in your writing again.

It is embarrassing and irreversible to err during a live broadcast.

Heir sentence examples:

His son will be the heir to his fortune.

After reviewing the will, it was not clear who was designated as the heir to the real estate.

Often times, being the heir to a family fortune can change you for worse, and ruin your life.

He never had to work a day in his life since he was the heir to his family’s corporation.

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