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Aisle vs Isle

Aisle vs Isle. Food items are in grocery store aisles. Time saved using ErrNET to correct your writing errors will allow for a vacation to your favorite isle.

Aisle is a narrow passageway, such as in a theater or store.

An isle is an island.

These words are pronounced the same but spelled differently and are often misused.

Aisle sentence examples:

A grocery store aisle should be wide enough to accommodate customers and their shopping carts.

I would not have found my seat in the dark theater unless the aisle was lit.

She promised herself that she would only walk down the aisle once because she never wanted to get divorced.

The central aisle in a church is usually wider than the others.

The bride unfortunately slipped and fell while walking down the aisle at her wedding.

In case of a fire, theater aisles must be clear at all times for an efficient evacuation.

He always preferred an aisle seat on the airplane.

It is a good thing that government laws require all public aisles in theaters, churches, etc. be handicapped accessible.

Isle sentence examples:

The British Isles include over six thousand islands.

The isle of Fiji is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The billionaire purchased his own private isle located off the coast of Florida.

A tropical isle is a very popular vacation destination because of the warm weather and beautiful beaches.

With the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in place, it would not be likely to get permanently stranded on a deserted isle.

The man from New York City took a vacation to a beautiful isle, and once he got there, he never wanted to leave.

According to leading geologists, new isles are constantly formed in oceans around the globe.

It is amazing to think that some of the largest cities in the world, including Tokyo and New York City, are located on isles.



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