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Allot vs A Lot

The athletes were allotted a lot of time to prepare for the competition. Be a champion and use ErrNET to never confuse “allot” and “a lot.”

Allot means to divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion.

A lot means very many; a large number. NOTE: a lot is always two words. It is often misspelled “alot.”

“Allot” and “a lot” are pronounced the same and have similar spellings. Because of these similarities, they are often misused in English writing.

Allot sentence examples:

Every morning, the police sergeant would allot the daily patrol routes among his squadron.

The generous farmer would save a portion of corn from each summer’s harvest to allot to his neighbors.

Every December, the business owner would allot the company profits for the month to his employees as a holiday bonuses.

Most airplanes are engineered to automatically allot fuel to a reserve tank for emergency purposes.

The pieces of the desert pie were all the same size so that they could be equally allotted to the dinner guests.

He would regularly allot an hour each morning for exercise before he went to work.

A lot sentence examples:

A lot of hard work was put in to restoring the old historic home to its original beauty.

Her husband works a lot, in fact so much that most people think he’s a “workaholic.”

I paid a lot of money for this car and the warranty, and I therefore expect great service when it needs to be repaired.

Because of the proven health benefits, everyone should consume a lot of water throughout each day.

Although he practiced a lot each day, no one could see any improvement in his game.

He was disappointed in himself because he ate a lot of pizza at lunch and new he was facing an evening full of heartburn.

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