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Allude vs Elude vs Illude

The police did allude that the criminal’s costume illuded police, allowing him to elude capture. Use ErrNET to capture these common writing errors.

Allude is to make indirect reference to.

Elude is to avoid or escape by speed, cleverness, trickery, etc.; evade.

Illude is to deceive or trick.

Because of their similar spellings and pronunciations, these words are often misused in English writing.

Allude sentence examples:

I think he did allude that Robert was too old for the position because he kept mentioning that much younger candidates would be a better match.

Don’t listen too much to what he says because he will allude to the real information he wants to communicate to you through his well-perfected facial expressions.

The liberal paper did not exactly come right out and say it but in so many words, it did allude that the democratic candidate was corrupt.

Please don’t allude that our relationship is over, just be direct and tell me if we are finished!

Elude sentence examples:

The convicts who escaped from prison planned well for their getaway and would eventually elude capture for almost six month.

The honey badger is very clever and will elude even the most sophisticated trap.

The juvenile delinquent was a very good driver and would regularly elude police in high-speed car chases.

The family who hid Anne Frank allowed Ms. Frank to elude capture from the Nazis long enough for her to pen her diaries.

Illude sentence examples:

The ultimate goal of any magician is to illude the audience with trickery.

A prerequisite for any skilled spy is to trust no one and be able to illude everyone of the true nature of their activities.

If a philanderer wants to avoid causing pain to his family, he must illude his wife and family of his affairs.

Responsible parents will always be direct and truthful with their children about any situation, no matter how painful, and should never illude them.



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