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Alumni vs Alumnus

Alumni vs Alumnus. If a reunion were attended by more than one alumnus, then it was attended by alumni. Check your writing with ErrNET before your former classmates see you misuse these words.

Alumnus is a graduate or former student of a particular school, college, or university.

Alumni is the plural form of alumnus.

The singular and plural forms of alumnus are often misused.

Alumnus sentence examples:

She was an alumnus of the University of Southern California.

I think that most people would prefer to be an alumnus of any prestigious college or university.

He falsified his resume and claimed that he was an alumnus of Princeton University.

The company wanted to hire him but they could not overlook that he was an alumnus of an unaccredited college.

He was so proud that his daughter was an alumnus of Harvard University.

After graduation, the gregarious alumnus was hired by the university to raise money for the school.

The frame around his license plate read “University of Pennsylvania alumnus.”

The alumnus was certainly not proud of the highly publicized scandal at his alma mater.

Alumni sentence examples:

The group of alumni got together to design T-shirts for the upcoming reunion.

The college reunion was a smashing success as over 3,000 alumni attended the event.

Several alumni from the class of 2012 set up a charity to raise money for autism research.

The alumni softball game was girls against boys, and the girls won the game.

It was required that the alumni board consisted of at least one representative from ten different graduating classes.

The alumni fundraiser raised close to one million dollars for the school.

He felt out of place at the party since it was all alumni from his wife’s school.

The professional football team included five alumni from the University of Texas.



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