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Ascent vs Assent

Ascent vs Assent. Most will assent that the ascent of Mt. Everest is a formidable task. ErrNET will ensure that these homonyms are never misused in writing.

Ascent is a noun that means the act of climbing or traveling up.

Assent as a verb means to agree or concur; subscribe to; to give in; yield; concede.
Assent as a noun is agreement, as to a proposal; concurrence; acquiescence; compliance.

Ascent and assent are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. Because of their identical pronunciations and similar spellings, these words are often misused. Please don’t misuse or abuse them. If you do, don’t worry, ErrNET copyediting technology will take care of it.

Ascent sentence example:

The ascent to the top of Mount Hood was arduous.

Because of blizzards and avalanche warnings, there was no way the climbers would consider making their ascent to the summit that day.

To ascent any mountain, it is recommended that novice climbers have good physical and mental strength, decent training from a certified professional, proper clothing, and supplies.

During the ascent to 35,000 feet, the commercial airlines experienced some mild turbulence.

The boy released 86 helium balloons into the air every year to commemorate the death of his grandfather, who passed away at 86, and to celebrate his long, colorful life; the ascent of the balloons was glorious.

Assent sentence examples:

Assent was granted to the change in plans.

The assent to the corporate merger was under question after one of the companies involved was under investigation for accounting fraud.

After months of incessant attempts of charming her, the boy was confident that the girl would eventually assent to go on a date with him.

The murder suspect would not assent to a polygraph or DNA test, which made detectives very suspicious.

The millionaire would never assent to a divorce since he would have to forfeit half of his assets to his wife.

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