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Back seat vs Backseat

Back seat vs Backseat. It is okay to take a back seat in a theater, but never take backseat driver advice when it comes to your copyediting, use ErrNET!

Back seat is both a literal and figurative phrase in the English language. Literally it is the physical location of a seat, e.g., the back seat of a car or theater.” As a figurative phrase it means “to become less important; to deliberately become less active, and give up trying to control things.

Backseat is an adjective that describes a physical location, e.g., backseat area; the behavior of one who is not in control but insists on stating their opinion, e.g., backseat driver.

It is easy to get confused when to use back seat or backseat.”
When in doubt, please check your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology.

Back seat sentence examples:

Her work will demand most of her time the next few months so her hobbies will have to take a back seat for a while.

It was amazing how much room the back seat had in his new car.

Her sedan had a minibar in the armrest in the back seat; how cool is that?

He would not take a back seat to anyone when standing up for what is right.

Backseat sentence examples:

With one hand on the steering wheel, he used his other hand to sift through his backseat rubbish to find his cell phone.

The physician usually sat in the backset area of movie theaters for a convenient exit in case he had to leave for a medical emergency.

Jim was the worst backseat driver because he always irritated the driver and usually barked out the wrong directions.

A backseat gamer is one who watches you play any video game, tells you what to do, then mocks you when you lose; very irritating!



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