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Back yard vs Backyard

Back yard vs Backyard. The moles entered through the back yard and destroyed the backyard garden. Exterminate your writing errors with ErrNET!

Back yard is a yard at the back of a house, which is very common in the Western world.

Backyard is an adjective that defines the location of a noun, e.g., backyard garden.

Back yard and backyard are often confused and misused in the English language.
ErrNET copyediting technology has put an end to this.

Back yard sentence examples:

The rose bushes should be planted in the back yard so they don’t get too much sunlight.

The family usually set up their badminton set in the back yard during the summer months.

For some reason, the sprinklers are not working in the back yard.

The grass in the back yard is turning brown and need to be watered before it dies.

The bird bath in the back yard was made of marble and copper and was absolutely beautiful.

Please put anything that needs to be recycled in the back yard for now.

Many people are growing marijuana in their back yards now since it is legal in several US states.

Please go hang up the laundry in the back yard to dry.

Backyard sentence examples:

Nothing tops a backyard barbeque with great friends and food.

The backyard ivy is taking over and strangling all of the plants.

The backyard hammock at our family summer home was my father’s favorite spots to read, relax, nap, and smoke his pipe.

The neighborhood dogs are getting in through a hole in the backyard fence.

A backyard fish pond will certainly add value to your home.

She always enjoyed the relaxation of working on her backyard garden.

The backyard apple trees produced many apples each year.

The family enjoyed their backyard pool all summer long.



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