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Backup vs Back up

Backup vs Back up. If you want backup to your story, back up and tell me from the beginning. ErrNET provides all the copyediting backup you’ll ever need!

Back up means to bring to a standstill; to move backward; to reinforce, support or confirm; to duplicate (a computer file or program).

Backup means a person or thing that supports or reinforces another.

Using back up and backup correctly can get confusing. Don’t worry about memorizing the rules,
just use ErrNET to check your writing and everything will be just fine.

Back up sentence examples:

She has no evidence to back up her story.

A children’s toy fell in the drain and was causing the water to back up.

Please back up the car and re-park it straight this time.

You really should back up your important computer files daily.

Please stop, back up, and tell me your story from the beginning because I did not understand a word you just said.

The driveway is very narrow so please be very careful when you back up.

Back up the storage cart a few feet so that it is not so close to the furnace please.

Backup sentence examples:

The police officer got in to a massive shootout and desperately needed backup.

It turned that the backup quarterback for the football team was better than the starting QB.

Do you have a backup plan in case your idea doesn’t work?

The bank robbers had no backup escape route, which is why they were apprehended.

He was just making backup copies of the reports in case something happened to the originals.

That was the worst backup story I’ve ever read!

It is very important to always have enough backup storage on your computer.

The soldiers were isolated, surrounded, and out of backup supplies and ammunition.



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