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Backward vs Backwards

Backward vs Backwards. He gave the driveway a backward glance before he moved his car backwards in to the street. Keep your writing moving forward with ErrNET!

When used as an adverb, backward and backwards are interchangeable and have the same meaning, which is (of a movement) away from one’s front; in the direction of one’s back; directed behind or to the rear; having made less than normal progress; toward or into the past.

Backward when used as an adjective, e.g., a backward glance is spelled without the “s.”

When things get tricky with these words and you are not certain, please check your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology. ErrNET will detect any misuses and provide you with detailed explanations for any misuses.

Backward and backwards sentence examples:

The word “ambulance” is intentionally written backwards on the front of an ambulance so it will appear correctly in your rear-view mirrors.

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters that reads the same backward or forward, e.g. “dad,” “madam,” “top spot,” “999.”

Skating backward is one of the first skills that a figure skater or hockey player learns.

Without knowing it, he was wearing his shirt backward.

It is quite difficult for anyone to say any alphabet backward.

The current style of the street gang was to wear their baseball caps backwards.

Walking backwards is believed to work different muscles than walking forward, and improves coordination.

He took two steps backward before diving into the pool.

Backward (adjective form) sentence examples:

Look, we are trying to make some progress here so please stop with your backward thinking.

He knew he had caught her eye when she gave him the most glowing backward glance after passing him on the street.

The economically backward country desperately needed financial assistance from other countries after their massive earthquake.



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