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Bald vs Bawled

Bald vs Bawled. He bawled when he looked at himself in the mirror and noticed he was going bald. Cheer up your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Bald is having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair; destitute of some natural growth or covering; lacking detail; bare; plain.

Bawled is the past tense form of ‘bawl,’ which is “to cry or wail”.

Bald and bawled can be easily confused and are frequently misused in the English language. Don’t’ cry if you misuse them, just check your writing with ErrNET and wipe your tears.

Bald sentence examples:

Unfortunately, he was only 28 years old and he was already going bald.

There was a bald spot in the lawn where the gardener obviously did not plant grass seed.

The bald eagle swooped down and pulled a large fish out of the water with his talons.

If you notice that you may be going bald, don’t worry, there are many great products on the market to treat thinning hair.

The front yard of the house was completely bald and had no curb appeal.

Most forests look bald after loggers clear-cut it.

Bald spots eventually appeared on the tires because the car’s steering was out of alignment.

Bawled sentence examples:

The child bawled when the other child took the toy away from her.

His mother bawled with joy when her son received his acceptance letter to a very prestigious university.

I bawled when I learned that my close friend had a terminal disease.

When the man she was engaged to be married to called off the wedding and broke up with her, she bawled for weeks.

The young boy bawled at his father’s funeral.

Even the grownups bawled when they found out that the child was missing.

The parents bawled at their daughter’s graduation ceremony because they were so proud of her, and she was the first family member to graduate from college.

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