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Barb wire vs Barbed wire

Barb wire vs Barbed wire. Surround your property with barbed wire to keep out trespassers. ErrNET won’t allow errors to trespass on your writing!

Barbed wire is a type of wire or strand of wires having small pieces of sharply pointed wire twisted around it at short intervals, used chiefly for fencing in livestock, keeping out trespassers, etc.

Barbed wire is often misspelled barb wire or bob wire. A typical spellchecker will not detect these errors, but don’t worry, ErrNET copyediting technology will. We’ve got you covered 24/7/365.

Barbed wire sentence examples:

The grouchy old man went to the extreme and surrounded his yard with barbed wire to keep neighborhood kids and dogs off his property.

State penitentiaries have the most severe types of barbed wire and usually include razor blades and broken glass.

The cattle on the back property of the ranch escaped through an opening in the barbed wire fence.

The teenager got her cashmere sweater caught on barbed wire surrounding an industrial building while running from the cops for possession of alcohol.

The livestock got many skin abrasions from rubbing against the barbed wire.

Barbed wire is easy to get through with just a simple snip with a pair of wire cutters.

During trench warfare during World War I, literally tons of barbed wire surrounded the trenches to help deter the enemies from infiltration.

The boy needed a tetanus shot after steeping on an old piece of rusted barbed wire.

The professional gardener was so protective of her prized rose bush garden that she actually surrounded it with barbed wire to keep out any animals.

New barbed wire is shiny silver, but when it is out in the elements and exposed to rain, it develops a thick coat of dark red rust from oxidation.

Barbed wire is usually a top seller for commercial industrial supply companies.



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