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Base vs Bass

Base vs Bass. The stage was set up on a special base to absorb the sound of the bass drum. Keep your writing sound with ErrNET proofreading technology!

Base as a noun is the bottom support of anything.
Base as a verb is to establish, as a fact or conclusion.

Bass is a musical term meaning low in pitch; of the lowest pitch or range: a bass voice, a bass instrument.

Base and bass are pronounced the same and therefore can be easily misused in your writing. Please don’t worry about misusing them. All you have to do is check your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology.

Base sentence examples:

You need to base this story on something solid, not just hearsay of he said, she said or other anecdotes.

The base of the house was collapsing and needed urgent repair.

The secretive and isolated army base is where they train their very elite and special operations soldiers.

He had no base for his argument and was clearly fabricating the entire story.

Free base refers to the pure basic form of an amine, as opposed to its salt form, which is commonly used in organic chemistry and pharmaceuticals to describe the deprotonated amine form of a compound.

Bass sentence examples:

He was the best jazz sting bass player I have ever seen perform live.

The electric base seen in most modern rock bands evolved from the jazz-era string bass from the 1930s.

The rock musician, known by his stage name “Sting” preferred to use a string bass with electronic pickups, rather than an electrical string bass guitar.

A talented section of bass singers is critical for any choir.

A good bass player who can communicate well with the drummer is a vital musician to have in your band.

Since the string bass projects such a rich and voluminous sound, usually only a couple are required for a full-scale philharmonic.

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