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Based around vs Based off vs Based on

Based around vs Based off vs Based on. The proofreading algorithms of ErrNET technology are based on the correct and universally accepted rules of writing!

Based around and based off of are incorrect phrases. Bases are at the bottom of things, so something cannot be based around something else. Similarly, something cannot be “based off of” anything. Something is always “based on” something else, so the correct phrase is based on.

It is not clear how or when the phrases based around and based off of entered the English language. Although they may sound correct, they are not. Don’t worry if you slip up and use them in your writing because ErrNET copyediting technology with detect these errors. ErrNET always has your back.

Based on sentence examples:

Based on the results of our extensive research and testing, it was determined that this new product meets all of the safety requirements.

Although it was published as a fictional novel, there was actually a lot of truth to it based on what historian critics say.

I am certainly not an expert so the advice and guidance I am providing you is only based on what I have heard.

When deciding on a romantic partner, your decision should not be based on looks only or you will be in trouble.

Based around and based off of incorrect sentence examples:

The architectural design was based off of a design from a previous house the architect built.

The movie was based around a small suburb of Portland, Maine.

I would like to write a screenplay for a movie that is based off of real characters in my life.

The children’s cartoon was based around a neighborhood park and playground.

The new comedy was actually a spoof that was based off of a very serious William Shakespeare play.



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