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Beckon Call vs Beck and Call

Beckon call vs Beck and call. ErrNET copyediting technology is at your beck and call 24/7/365 to prevent writing errors, such as “beckon call.”

To be at someone’s beck and call is to be entirely subservient to them; to be responsive to their slightest request.
This phrase is often misspelled beckon call.

It is not clear how the misspelling beckon call of beck and call entered the English language. “Beckon call” is however a very common error. It is likely that people have never seen the correct, written version and spell it out in their head phonetically. To put an end to this, just use ErrNET copyediting technology and “beckon call” will never ever show up in your writing again!

Beck and call sentence examples:

He assumed that when he married his Asian wife that she would be subservient and at his beck and call, but boy was he wrong!

Executive assistants are well-paid and expected to be at their boss’ beck and call at all hours of the day.

Although he liked her on a person level, the movie producer had to fire her as his assistant because she just was not at his beck and call to his liking.

It sure would be nice to have enough money to hire a full time staff for your home so that someone would be at your beck and call at all times.

It’s really sad when a misogynist treats his girlfriend or wife like dirt and expects her to be at his beck and call.

In the modern world, many services such as food delivery and transportation are at one’s beck and call through a cell phone app.

An employer should always treat his or her employees with respect and never insist that they be at his or her beck and call, especially if it is out of the realm of their employees’ job descriptions.



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