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Bite vs Byte

Bite vs Byte. The forensic computer program had enough bytes of memory to enhance the bite mark on the victim. Don’t be a victim of poor writing, use ErrNET!

Bite as a verb is to use the teeth to cut in to something to eat it (of a person or animal); to grip a surface (of a tool, tire, boot, etc.).
Bite as a noun is an act of biting in to something to eat it; a sharp or pungent flavor.

Byte is (computing) a group of binary digits or bits (usually eight) that is considered a unit of memory size.

Bite and byte get easily confused because of their similar spellings and identical pronunciations. Take the confusion out of your writing and give it some bite with ErrNET copyediting technology!

Bite sentence examples:

A dog bite can be very harmful and should always be followed up with a rabies shot.

I already told him that he should enter a hotdog eating contest since he can eat an entire dog in one bite!

The chef added some cayenne pepper to his soup to give it some bite.

Unfortunately, the snow tires did not bite in to the ice and the car spun off the road.

After examining her mouth, the dentist told her that she had a perfect bite.

The crazed killer would actually bite his victims; how disgusting!

Byte sentence examples:

The hackers broke in to the Internal Revenue Service’s computer network and stole nearly every byte of data.

In computing, there are eight bits in a byte.

The outdated computer did not have enough bytes of memory to play even the simplest video game; how lame!

To increase the storage capacity of a computer, you can actually purchase and install data cards that include millions of bytes of extra memory.

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