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Boar vs Bore

Boar vs Bore. Hunting wild boar can be quite a bore with all of the downtime. Take the bore out of proofreading your writing with ErrNET technology!

Boar is an uncastrated male pig.

Bore as a verb is to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.; to pierce (a solid substance) with some rotary cutting instrument.
Bore as a noun is a dull, tiresome, or uncongenial person.

Boar and bore can easily be misused in writing because of their identical pronunciations. Bore a hole in the ship that your writing errors came in on and let them sink forever.

Boar sentence examples:

A wild boar roasting over an open fire pit on the beach is a common scene at a Hawaiian luau.

Before perfectly roasting an entire wild boar for the dinner party, I wish that someone would have at least given me a heads up that all of the guests are non-gentiles.

If you ever encounter a boar in the wild, beware because they are very aggressive and dangerous animals.

The chef decided to dry out and smoke the wild boar instead of a traditional roasting.

Apparently, poached boar testicles are a culinary delicacy in some parts of the world.

Some people consider boar’s feet to be good luck charms.

Bore sentence examples:

I cannot believe that such a vivacious and social woman married such a self-centered bore.

This is probably the third time that you have told me this story, so please stop because you are beginning to bore the hell out of me.

The holes that the electrician bored throughout the framing of the new house were too small for the wires to fit through.

Any normal teenager will find their parents to be a bore to hang out with on a Saturday night.

To drill for oil, companies must bore massive and very deep holes into the earth.

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