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Bolder vs Boulder

Bolder vs Boulder. The bolder individual moved the boulder that was blocking the road. ErrNET copyediting technology boldly takes on your writing errors!

Bolder is (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous; (of a color or design) having a stronger or more vivid appearance.

Boulder is a detached and rounded or worn rock, especially a large one.

Bolder and boulder are pronounced the same and get easily mixed up. Be bold and try ErrNET copyediting technology just one time. We promise it will not disappoint.

Bolder sentence examples:

Some of the text font on their website appeared to be bolder than other text.

He was strong, smart, confident, and bolder than any other man in the room.

To win in the game of chess, you are often required to take bolder moves than your opponent, such as sacrificing your queen.

The petite woman was much stronger and bolder than she ever imagined when she fought off her attacker.

Although his younger brother was much smaller and shorter than him, he was much bolder and would never hesitate to throw the first punch to defend and protect his friends or family.

Boulder sentence examples:

To lay the tracks for the new metro light-rail train, the construction company had to bore a hole through a large hill, which first required them to move many large boulders.

For exercise, many who live in high-desert climates climb boulders.

Several boulders rolled off the mountain side on to the highway below and blocked it for hours until utility crews could safely remove them.

The signature of the famed landscape architect was to use at least one large boulder in all of his clients’ yards or gardens.

I doubt that the “sport” of boulder rolling will ever make it in to the Olympics as an official sport.

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