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Bored of vs Bored with

Bored of vs Bored with. The teacher was bored with chronically reminding her students that bored of is not a phrase. You will never get bored with ErrNET!

Bored of is an incorrect phrase. When you get tired of something you are bored with it (not of it).

How the phrase bored of entered the English language is anyone’s guess. It is a common misspelling of the correct phrase bored with. When you get bored with the time consuming and tedious task of proofreading, just turn your writing over to ErrNET copyediting. ErrNET will save you time and headaches.

Bored with sentence examples:

Many people are becoming bored with Facebook because it is becoming inundated with advertisements and every detail of one’s “friend’s” lives.

Having 162 games a season, I can see how spectators can become easily bored with professional baseball.

She was so bored with her husband because he never wanted to go out and usually went to bed before 9PM every evening.

After just two weeks, she was already bored with her new job.

Although he thought it would be a glamourous and exciting career, he got very bored with being a private investigator since most of the time was spent on stakeout waiting for something to happen.

I’m bored with my current friends and need to find new ones.

Since I have no electives this year, I’m bored with school.

Most of us get bored with the day in and day out of everyday life.

She could never sit still and easily got bored with everything.

Bored of incorrect sentence examples:

Anyone who inherits enough money so they never have to work again must get bored of their life.

If you play that video game too much, you will get bored of it very soon.

I got very bored of the party because I did not know anyone there, and not one person was remotely interesting.

They all eventually got bored of the small town bar scene since there were only three taverns.

He got so bored of hearing about his wife’s day at work at her mundane job every evening.



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