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Bouillon vs Bullion

Bouillon vs Bullion. The bouillon was liked so much that it was named liquid gold, or bullion bouillon. Get a gold star on your writing every time with ErrNET!

Bouillon is a clear, usually seasoned broth made by straining water in which beef, chicken, etc., has been cooked, or by dissolving a commercially prepared bouillon cube or cubes in hot water.

Bullion is gold or silver considered in mass rather than in value.

Because of their identical pronunciations and confusing spellings, bouillon and bullion are frequently misused in English writing. You can either try to remember their spellings and uses or just check your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology to be positive. It’s your choice!

Bouillon sentence examples:

For her soups, my grandmother used to make the most flavorful chicken bouillon from scratch.

Using dried and concentrated bouillon cubes to make chicken broth is much more convenient and timesaving than making it from scratch.

I assumed that my co-worker was drinking coffee out of his mug but found out that it was actually beef bouillon.

Any commercially available bouillon is high in salt and should be avoided by people with high blood pressure.

When making soups with bouillon cubes, be sure to use more water than the instructions call for because soups cook down and will concentrate the salts.

Bullion sentence examples:

I believe that the current price of gold bullion is over $1,000.00 US dollars.

The new immigrant had only gold bullion on his person when he arrived in the US, so he went to a local pawn shop to exchange them for cash.

The romantic melted down his grandfather’s gold bullion to make an engagement ring for his future, so he hopes, bride.

His father was furious when he arrived home and found his son and friends playing poker with his silver bullion coins from his cherished collection.



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