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Breach vs Breech

Breach vs Breech. The thieves loaded their breech-loading guns and breached the premises. Don’t let errors breach your writing, use ErrNET copyediting!

Breach is the act or a result of breaking or rupturing; to break or act contrary to (a law, promise, etc.).

Breech is the part of a firearm at the rear of the barrel; the hinder or lower part of anything.

Breech is rarely used in English writing, however it is a common misspelling of the much more common word breach. This common error occurs because of the identical pronunciations and similar spellings of “breach” and “breech”. Shoot your way out of this common trap with a breech-loading gun or ErrNET proofreading technology, the more civilized, non-violent solution.

Breach sentence examples:

The proposed treaty would be a serious breach in relations between the two countries.

According to its terms, the company was in serious breach of the contract, which clearly defined the legal terms of business operations.

In most cultures, it is a breach of manners to burp at the dinner table.

The proposed treaty would be a serious breach in relations between the two countries.

The double agent’s theft of the information was a serious security breach and a threat to national security.

The soldiers used a battering ram to breach the castle walls.

During the protest, the rioters would eventually breach the police barriers.

Rioters breached police barriers.

Breech sentence examples:

A double barrel shotgun, side-by-side or over and under, is typically a breech-loaded gun.

Due to defects in the muzzle, the breech-loading gun could not be loaded.

The breech of the siphon was put into the car’s gas tank to transfer fuel.

The farmer’s pickup truck was stuck in a ditch so he put breech straps on a couple of his horses and used them to pull it out.

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