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Build off of vs Build on

Build off of vs Build on. You cannot build off of anything but you will certainly build on your writing skills by using ErrNET copyediting technology!

Build off of is an incorrect phrase. One builds on things, such as earlier achievements. One does not “build off of” anything.

Build off of is not only an incorrect phrase but it includes the double preposition error off of. ErrNET copyediting technology has got you covered with this error. It will mark “build off of” and an error and suggest the correct phrase “build on”.

Build on sentence examples:

Don’t rest on your recent accomplishments; you need to build on them to make this a screaming success.

Since they could not sell it, the couple decided to build on their vacant lot behind their home.

He wanted to build on the existing foundation but the contractor discouraged him from this since it was unstable.

Medical researchers build on previous knowledge from the literature to make scientific breakthroughs and develop cures for diseases.

We need to build on what we already have.

The only way to get better at this is to build on what you have already learned.

Because of legal land preservation restrictions, no one could build on the property.

To add a second story to their home, they thought they could just build on top of the first story but this was not structurally or technically possible.

Build off of incorrect sentence examples:

The newly hired architect would simply build off of the plans that the previous architect started.

You can’t build off of something that isn’t already there.

The corporation’s rapid growth was built off of the principles of its founder.

Her success did not come overnight; it was built off of years of hard work, dedication, motivation, and self-discipline.

Most successful inventions are built off of many previously failed prototypes.



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