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Calvary vs Cavalry

Calvary vs Cavalry. The cavalry went to Calvary to keep peace during the crucifixion of Jesus. Call in the cavalry and crucify your writing errors with ErrNET!

Calvary, which is always capitalized is the hill near Jerusalem on which Jesus was crucified. The name is Latin for “Place of the Skull”.

Cavalry is the part of a military force composed of troops that serve on horseback; the motorized, armored units of a military force organized for maximum mobility.

Because Calvary and cavalry have similar spellings and pronunciations, they are often misused in writing. Please note that “Calvary” is always capitalized since it is a proper noun. ErrNET proofreading technology will “call in the cavalry” and destroy your writing errors!

Calvary sentence examples:

Does anybody know where Calvary is?

Jesus Christ was apparently crucified at Calvary, which is a site located just outside Jerusalem’s walls.

I heard they were going to build a casino at Calvary; just kidding!

The Bible translates the term “Calvary” to mean “the place of the skull.”

If you’ve never visited Calvary, you are in for a treat because it’s one of the most moving and spiritual places on the planet.

Although many historians and critics have questioned where Jesus was crucified, all evidence still points to Calvary.

Cavalry sentence examples:

Modern cavalry usually fight in armored vehicles.

It’s time to call in the cavalry!

Anyone who wanted to join the cavalry brigade had to be very knowledgeable about and skilled with horses.

Mounted cavalry was a formidable force for any military operations of the past.

I’ll bet cavalry soldiers got a lot of action in their day because what woman could resist a man in uniform mounted on a horse.

During battle, infantry soldiers would typically try to injure or kill cavalry‘s horses because it was a larger and easier target.



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