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Canon vs Cannon

Canon vs Cannon. According to the canon, churches were not allowed to defend themselves with cannons during the war. Conquer your writing errors with ErrNET!

A canon is a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.

A cannon is a large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare.

Canon and cannon are types of homonyms that are words pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. Because of their similar spellings, “canon” and “cannon” are often erroneously interchanged and difficult to detect during the proofreading process. BANG! BOOM! ErrNET proofreading technology will blow this error away!

Canon sentence examples:

Honey, I cannot believe that we are not allowed to have sex before marriage just because your fly-by-night church’s canon says so.

Pachelbel’s canon is a beautiful piece of music but has been overplayed at weddings.

I had to quit my church and religion altogether because their canon was too strict for my laid back lifestyle.

According to canon law, Catholic priests must tender their resignation when they reach the age of 75.

The parishioners argued with their church and claimed that its canon law was archaic and needed to be modified for modern life.

Some of the current laws and regulations for the town are ludicrous because they developed out of ancient canon rules and have not been changed.

Canon law still favors the Royal Family, even though they currently have no political power.

Cannon sentence examples:

My father used to fire his antique cannon every Independence Day, and boy was that a loud son-of-a-gun!

Modern artillery has come a long way since the ancient cannon.

In their day, pirates were ruthless and formidable with the mastery and accuracy of their ship cannons.

The ammunition for a cannon, i.e., a cannonball, was made in different weights so they could be fired at various distances.

Modern military vessels have large anti-aircraft cannons mounted on their bows.

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