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Carousal vs Carousel

Carousal vs Carousel. The extravagant carousal included a fully stocked rotating bar on a carousel. Celebrate your error-free writing with ErrNET copyediting!

Carousal is a noisy or drunken feast or social gathering.

Carousel is a merry-go-round; a continuously revolving belt, track or other device on which items are placed for later retrieval: a baggage carousel at an airport.

Although carousal and carousel have different pronunciations, their similar spellings often cause confusion and their misuse in English writing. If you use ErrNET copyediting technology, you should probably go celebrate at a carousal knowing that you will never confuse or misuse these words!

Carousal sentence examples:

The casual get-together at my friend’s apartment with a few people grew in to a full blown carousal in just a couple of hours.

My buddies and I believe that one cannot call a party a carousal unless the cops show up at least one time throughout the evening.

The technology company launch party was quite a carousal and turned out to be much more fun than I anticipated.

My husband is wild and crazy and can turn any boring party in to a carousal, guaranteed!

Most rock bands will have crazy carousals in their hotel rooms when they are on the road.

Guests didn’t start leaving the carousal until about 4AM!

Carousel sentence examples:

After my flight, I waited at the baggage carousel for over an hour for my bag until I realized, feeling like a complete idiot, that I was at the wrong one!

Carousels with painted wood horses on them remind me of a creepy carnival that my babysitter used to take us to.

For only $2.00, kids could ride the mall carousel for ten minutes.

The kids were so dizzy when they got off their fourth carousel ride that I thought they were going to get sick!

When traveling these days, it’s a good idea to distinguish your luggage somehow because all baggage looks the same when they come out on the airport carousels.



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