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Catchup vs Catsup vs Ketchup

Catchup vs Catsup vs Ketchup. Catchup, catsup, or ketchup can all go on your French fries. ErrNET proofreading technology is tasty enough without condiments!

Catchup, catsup and ketchup are all acceptable spellings for the “condiment consisting of puréed tomatoes, onions, vinegar, sugar, spices, etc.

Catchup, catsup and ketchup sentence examples:

Catchup is a very popular condiment in America.

A lot of people put catsup on their hotdogs but I’ve heard that traditionally, only mustard should be applied to your dog.

I used to use ketchup with my French fries but as my palate has changed with age, I find it to be too sweet.

Although there are various recipes for catchup, the main ingredients are: tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and water.

I seriously doubt that Anthony Bourdain would ever speak to you again if he saw you put catsup on a perfect medium-rare petite filet mignon.

Cocktail sauce is simple to make as it consists of just ketchup, horseradish, and lemon juice.

Don’t you hate it when restaurants only offer their homemade, watered-down version of catchup when all you want is Heinz 57?

The design of the catsup squeeze-bottle needs to be modified so that it doesn’t sound like flatulence when it is squeezed.

Although it is recommended to refrigerate ketchup after opening, I store mine at room temperature because there is nothing worse than cold catchup on a hot, fresh, and juicy burger.

Usually, a catsup bottle will have a recipe on its back label, for example, “Cajun Ketchup or “Spicy Asian Catchup.

Both plastic and glass catsup bottles should be rinsed and recycled when empty.

All I see at the grocery store these days are plastic ketchup bottles, and in fact, I don’t remember the last time I saw a glass catchup bottle.

I love the sweet, savory, and spicy taste of mustard mixed with catsup, especially when it is on my hamburger.



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