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Cell vs Sell

Cell vs Sell. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to your writing. Give your brain cells a rest and use ErrNET technology to catch your writing errors!

Cell is a small room, as in a convent or prison; Biology: the basic structural unit, usually microscopic, of all organisms.

Sell is to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money; dispose of to a purchaser for a price.

Cell and sell have identical pronunciations but different meanings and spellings. They can easily get confused in your writing. Check your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology to avoid misusing these words!

Cell sentence examples:

The innocent man was finally freed after spending nearly twenty years in a tiny prison cell.

Biological cells are “pre-programmed” to divide a certain number of times then terminate; a natural phenomenon called “programmed cell death.”

Did you try reaching her on her cell?

The CIA, NSA, and other government administrations, are working together to continually infiltrate and abolish terrorist cell networks.

Human cells communicate with each other through an intricate array of chemical signals.

No one in that area could get reception on their cellphones because the cell tower was knocked down and destroyed in the storm.

Does anyone know what the cell means in cellphone?

Sell sentence examples:

I might have to sell the car to pay this month’s rent.

Always believe in yourself and never sell yourself short.

You are going to have to sell this idea to the boss.

It’s going to be a tough sell to get another 30 minutes for lunch.

Most new products on the market are a tough sell, at least in the beginning.

Her co-worker joked that she may have to sell her body to make ends meet.

It is amazing that you can basically sell anything on the Internet these days.

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