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Choral vs Coral

Choral vs Coral. The choral composer was from a region of Australia that contains the vastest coral reefs. ErrNET copyediting will be music to your ears!

Choral is of a chorus or a choir; composed for or sung by a choir or chorus.

Coral is a hard stony substance secreted by certain marine coelenterates as an external skeleton, typically forming large reefs in warm seas.

Choral and coral are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. To avoid misusing these words in your writing, use ErrNET copyediting technology!

Choral sentence examples:

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is the most popular and recognized choral symphony around the world.

The choral composer used an unconventional pattern of notes and scales in his compositions.

The choral music emanating from the church was beautiful and inspiring.

Composing choral music is just as technically difficult as composing a full-scale symphony.

I like to attend church during the holidays because their choral music performances put me in the holiday spirit.

Many successful mainstream singers started out singing choral music in their church.

Choral music is good for the soul.

Coral sentence examples:

Coral reefs are intricate and diverse underwater ecosystems that are held together by calcium carbonate structures that are secreted by corals.

The Great Barrier Reef, located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is the world’s largest coral reef system.

My brother got cut on his back by some coral while body surfing in Hawaii, which left a scar that is still visible today.

Most coral relies on the presence of algae in their tissues to obtain energy from sunlight.

Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful organisms to view while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Some corals can catch small fish and plankton, using stinging cells on their tentacles.

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