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Coarse vs Course

Coarse vs Course. The golf course rough included tall, coarse grass. Of course everyone should use ErrNET technology for all of their copyediting needs!

Coarse is an adjective meaning composed of relatively large parts or particles; lacking in fineness or delicacy of texture, structure, etc.; (of a person or their speech) rude, crude, or vulgar.

Course is a direction or route taken or to be taken; a dish, or a set of dishes served together, forming one of the successive parts of a meal; a procedure adopted to deal with a situation. the way in which something progresses or develops; a series of lectures or lessons in a particular subject, typically leading to a qualification.
Course is also part of many expressions (idioms) in the English language. For example, of course, meaning “certainly, definitely”, run its course, take its course (of something) that both mean to complete its development or action, in due course that means “at some future time, especially the natural or appropriate time”.

Coarse and course are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. These words are often confused and erroneously interchanged in English writing. The immediate course of action you need to take for your writing errors is to use ErrNET copyediting technology.

Coarse sentence examples:

She was quite coarse at the party last night, and in fact I think she has a generally abrasive personality.

Fine and coarse animal hairs are often made in to paint brushes for artistic and commercial uses.

The beach was beautiful but the coarse sand was a bit rough on the feet.

Most chefs recommend using a coarse salt, such as kosher salt, in all cooking.

Course sentence examples:

Of course we will come to your wedding!

The course for the marathon included about 70% uphill climbs.

There is no cure for the common cold so you will just need to let the virus run its course.

I’ll have one more client to meet with, and then I will meet you at the golf course.

We will address this issue in due course.

How many more courses do you need to take to have enough credits to graduate?

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