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Coiffeur vs Coiffure

Coiffeur vs Coiffure. The talented coiffeur invented a new coiffure that became internationally fashionable. Keep your writing in the proper style with ErrNET!

Coiffeur is a hairdresser.

Coiffure is a person’s hairstyle, typically an elaborate one.

Because of their similar spellings and pronunciations, coiffeur and coiffure are often mixed up and misused in English writing. You don’t need to spend hours with your coiffeur or tons of money on a new coiffure to learn the proper usage and spelling of these words, just use ErrNET proofreading technology!

Coiffeur sentence examples:

The coiffeur raised her prices by 40% for a men’s haircut without any previous notice to her clients; bad business girlfriend!

The coiffeur was trained at the world renowned Aveda Institute, and was so talented that he was requested to teach his hair styling and cutting techniques all over the world.

I don’t call the person who cuts my hair a coiffeur or hairdresser, I call her a stylist.

Ken Paves is a famous, world-renowned coiffeur to the stars whose salon is located in Beverly Hills, California.

Does anyone know what a decent tip is for a coiffeur?

I always tip my coiffeur at least 20%.

Coiffure sentence examples:

Coiffures come in and go out of style very quickly.

With the advent of the internet, it is easy to keep up with the latest coiffure trends.

After four hours at the salon, she spent over four hundred dollars on her new coiffure.

Hair extensions are the latest fashion for certain coiffures.

A coiffure usually includes a cut, color, blowout, and styling.

The price difference between a male and female coiffure is typically over 300%.

Her new coiffure was so outrageous that everyone turned their heads and stared at her when she walked in to the party that night.

Vogue magazine just released the best and worst coiffures at the 87th Academy Awards in their latest issue.



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