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Could have vs Could of

Could have vs Could of. He could have been incorrect and spelled this phrase “could of.” He also could have had perfect writing if he used ErrNET copyediting!

Although the phrase could of may sound correct, it is not. This phrase is often erroneously used in writing. The correct phrase is could have.
ErrNET copyediting technology will mark all occurrences of “could of” in your writing and suggest “could have”.

Correct sentence examples with could have:

They could have come to barbeque since they were invited.

I could have snitched on my best friend but I decided to stay loyal to her and never told anyone anything about what she did.

You could have been the next President of the United States but instead you’ve decided to throw your life away, you loser.

She could have been a Scientologist but decided to move on with her life instead.

You need to lay low because you could have a serious illness based on the symptoms that you have described to me.

I need to check the winning numbers because I could have won the lottery!

Incorrect sentence examples with could of:

The competitive swimmer could of competed in the Olympic Games but instead decided to pursue academics.

The soldiers could of survived the battle if they surrendered to their enemy.

We had plenty of leftovers from last night and we could of eaten them for dinner tonight.

We could of gone to the beach earlier but now it is too late and it is getting dark and cold outside.

You know you could of offered to help me clean up the kitchen before it was done.

She could of gone to college right after high school but decided to start her acting career immediately.

He could of gone to the party with her as his date but he was too scared to ask her out.



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