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Council vs Counsel

Council vs Counsel. The council was counseled by the counsel prior to the town hall meeting. The best advice for your writing is to use ErrNET copyediting!

Council is a noun meaning an assembly of persons summoned or convened for consultation, deliberation, or advice; a body of people elected to manage the affairs of a city, county, or other municipal district.

Counsel as a noun is advice; opinion or instruction given in directing the judgment or conduct of another; the lawyer or lawyers conducting a case.
Counsel as a verb is to give advice to (someone).

Council and counsel are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. In English writing, these words are often erroneously interchanged. ErrNET copyediting technology will counsel you on all of your writing errors!

Council sentence examples:

The mayor has postponed making a decision on the new tax bill until the council meets to discuss and make a unanimous decision.

The city council plans to meet to discuss the issues involving the homeless and panhandling.

The fed up citizen finally took his case to the city council to complain about the topless bar being built in his neighborhood.

After the election, City Council looks very different, with a new mayor and five new council members.

The National Arts Council has developed a new plan to raise money and keeps the arts alive.

After a major terrorist attack, a special council of experts was assembled to address issues of national security.

Counsel sentence examples:

The defense counsel grilled the witness for over an hour to the point where she cried and confessed that she lied about everything.

The President sought counsel from his cabinet for creative ideas on how to balance the federal budget deficit.

The best counsel about his future that he ever received was from his high school chemistry teacher.

Parents need to counsel their children about drug use and sex before these issues become a problem.

Counsel, I swear Iā€™m innocent!

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