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Creak vs Creek

Creak vs Creek. The old walking bridge over the creek would creak when the wind blew. Don’t let your writing errors be water under the bridge, use ErrNET!

Creak as a verb is to make a sharp, harsh, grating, or squeaking sound.
Creak as a noun is a harsh scraping or squeaking sound.

Creek is a stream, brook, or minor tributary of a river.

Creak and creek are types of homonyms that are words pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. These words are often confused and misused in English writing. ErrNET proofreading technology will guarantee that you will never misuse “creak” and “creek” in your writing!

Creak sentence examples:

I miss the smell of my late grandfather’s pipe and the creak of his old rocking chair.

The branches of the oak tree outside my bedroom window creak every time the wind blows.

If someone would just oil its hinges, the door wouldn’t creak every time it was opened.

Whenever it rained, the employees’ wet shoes would creak on the linoleum floor when they entered the office.

When I heard a repeated creak noise from my parent’s bedroom and the door was closed and locked, I knew what they were up to in there; gross!

Creek sentence examples:

My uncle used to take me fishing at the creek in the back forty of his ranch.

It was so sad when the neighborhood creek dried up as it was such a popular place to spend time with friends, and a huge part of many of the local’s childhood.

The local government actually allocated funds to repair the historic walking bridge that ran east and west over the picturesque and peaceful creek.

The not-so-bright individuals tried to float the creek in their canoe and bottomed out within seconds.

If I ever have to live in a retirement center, God forbid, I hope that it has a creek on the premises where I can sit in peace, feed the birds and get away from the other codgers at the center.

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