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Crews vs Cruise

Crews vs Cruise. The cruise ship was well-staffed with multiple crews. ErrNET cruises through your writing errors at a steady 300 pages per minute!

Crews are groups of people involved in a particular kind of work or working together, especially on a ship, boat, aircraft, spacecraft, or train.

Cruise as a verb is to sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure; (of a motor vehicle or aircraft) travel smoothly at a moderate or economical speed; to wander about a place in search of a casual sexual partner.
Cruise as a noun is a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation and usually calling in at several places.

Crews and cruise are types of homonyms that are words pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. These words are often confused and misused in English writing. ErrNET proofreading technology will guarantee that you will never misuse “crews” and “cruise” in your writing!

Crews sentence examples:

The cruise line threw a big employee party for all of their ship crews.

We are going to have to hire new nighttime cleaning crews to clean up the restaurant because it is always a mess in the morning.

Although they cannot by federal law accept gratuities, the frequent flyer would always try to tip the flight crews because of their outstanding service.

There was usually a high turnover rate among the yard maintenance crews.

Cruise sentence examples:

The newlyweds decided to go on a Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon.

The cruise speed of most commercial aircraft is about 450 miles per hour.

Teenagers would regularly cruise Broadway Avenue looking for some action.

We will cruise around the bay until we find a nice place to stop for lunch.

Tom Cruise, born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, is an American actor and filmmaker, and one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood.

The cruise ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean due to a poor repair job on its hull.

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