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Definitely vs Defiantly

Definitely vs Defiantly. The LGBT flag defiantly flew on the roof of the house in the conservative neighborhood. Definitely use ErrNET for your copyediting!

Definitely is in a clear and definite manner; without doubt; unambiguously.

Defiantly is boldly resistant or challenging.

Definitely and defiantly have similar spellings and pronunciations and are often confused and misused in English writing. You should definitely use ErrNET proofreading technology to check your writing if you don’t want to make this mistake!

Definitely sentence examples:

Russell also refers to Aristotle’s ethics as repulsive, and calls his logic as definitely antiquated as Ptolemaic astronomy.

Sometimes, mixed constitutions evolved with a democratic element, but it definitely did not mean self-rule by citizens.

The reason was that it was not at that time ascertained that those materials were definitely to be used.

It is a lovely song, but it definitely sounds right on Radio 2 and very wrong on Radio 1.

No sign of nerves, but Moby was definitely still in that highly excitable stage where everything in life is fun and needs exploring.

Such anthropomorphism would appear to be unjustified, but it is certainly true that association is most definitely a mental process, whether we are dealing with insects, crocodiles, birds, beasts or humans.

Defiantly sentence examples:

On the day his result was announced, he was released after five years of detention without trial, still defiantly declaring his faith in the Sikh cause.

The mutineers, all members of an elite scout-ranger regiment, marched to a nearby army camp, defiantly saying that they did not surrender to the government.

She put her hand defiantly on his arm and glared at the ring of faces.

A finger of grey granite boulders defiantly standing there in the mud and sand, surrounded permanently by a large lake during low water, much to the delight of the local children during the Summer.

He has defiantly defended his record at the company, which generates more than a fifth of the UK’s electricity.

She stood defiantly in front of him, shaking her head, trying desperately to find the words to make him realise that she was tired, due for leave, and really felt he should ask someone else.



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