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Defuse vs Diffuse

Defuse vs Diffuse. The crowd diffused until the bomb was defused, which defused the tense situation. Make your writing explosive with ErrNET!

Defuse is to remove the fuse from (a bomb, mine, etc.); to make less dangerous, tense, or embarrassing: to defuse a potentially ugly situation.

Diffuse is to pour out and spread, as a fluid; to spread or scatter widely or thinly; disseminate.

Defuse and diffuse are often confused and misused in English writing because of their similar spellings and pronunciations. ErrNET copyediting technology will defuse any potential situation with writing errors!

Defuse sentence examples:

The authorities promised to look into the complaints in order to defuse the situation.

Extraordinary precautions have been taken to defuse tempers in case of acquittal.

To defuse this near state of lawlessness, the Interior Ministry has ordered the abolition of the workers’ militia in factories.

To present his policy to the outside world and defuse opposition to it, he made brilliant use of his personal prestige.

And Mr. Major happily used freelance fixers like Mr. Wakeham to defuse potentially difficult committee meetings.

They have helped to defuse the arguments about teaching style and concentrate attention upon content and delivery.

Diffuse sentence examples:

If you put a drop of soluble dye in a glass of water, it will slowly diffuse outwards until the water is uniformly coloured.

In sign learning, the student makes diffuse responses to signals in the environment.

Also, the turbulence to which explosions give rise allows angular momentum to diffuse outwards, and gas to drift inwards, deeper into the gravitational potential.

They say that a close encounter between the Sun and a more diffuse star-like object in the cluster tore off a hot filament of gases.

As the wave reaches the cell periphery, enough calcium may diffuse across to activate the neighbouring cell.

There is little detailed work on homelessness in rural areas, largely because of the diffuse nature of the problem.



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