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Depreciate vs Deprecate

Depreciate vs Deprecate. Readers will deprecate your writing if it contains errors. Writing quality will depreciate if you don’t check it with ErrNET! Clear?

Depreciate is to reduce the purchasing value of (money); to lessen the value or price of.

Deprecate is o express earnest disapproval of.

Depreciate and deprecate are commonly misused because of their similar spellings. ErrNET, the world’s leading copyediting technology, will prevent this error from ever occurring in your writing!

Depreciate sentence examples:

The alternative is the ownership of physical assets — land, houses, cars, etc. — which might depreciate in value and require to be insured against theft or accidents.

There are, however, some disadvantages of allowing the exchange rate to depreciate to offset domestic inflation.

This gives judicial support to the view that financial statements have a limited useful life (of less than 15 months) and depreciate in usefulness over a period of time.

In the latter case the exchange rate will depreciate even further due to net capital outflows at the existing rate of exchange.

It tends to depreciate the role of purpose and to maintain, explicitly or implicitly, that the function of thinking is to study a sequence of events which it is powerless to influence or to alter.

The government reacted by allowing the rupee to depreciate, by proposing a cut in wheat subsidies and by cutting public expenditure programmes.

Deprecate sentence examples:

Dealers have felt a need to deprecate their own firms’ values, to disassociate themselves from them.

It did not disturb him that he had been under observation; he was not accustomed to deprecate what he was, or to undervalue it.

A series of recent cases have tended to deprecate the value of confidentiality in witness statements.

Modern church planters deprecate this because it substantially slows the growth of the church without much immediate benefit.

He felt that the large attention for this new specimen was intended to deprecate his own.

In this case, the patterns & practices team uses the graceful retirement process to deprecate some parts as explained.



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