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Device vs Devise

Device vs Devise. The bank robbers devised a plan and made a device to break in to the vault. Don’t let mistakes steal the glory from your writing, use ErrNET!

Device is a thing made for a particular purpose; an invention or contrivance, especially a mechanical or electrical one.

Devise is to contrive, plan, or elaborate; invent from existing principles or ideas.

Device and devise are commonly confused and misused because of their similar spellings and pronunciations. You will never make this error in your writing with ErrNET copyediting technology on your side!

Device sentence examples:

When drawing from memory, however, it is useful to have a handy, rule-of-thumb checking device to gauge such proportions as arm-length or head-size.

Polylines is another useful device, consisting of an indefinite sequence of X/Y pairs to be interconnected by straight lines.

Minton’s use of a high viewpoint, which flattens his imagery and brings it into tauter relationship with the overall format, became a device he frequently adopted.

The London studio is lavishly kitted out with six cameras, equipment for sending a facsimile of a document in just six seconds, plus an audio device that automatically focuses the cameras, on whoever is speaking.

This was the first device to show quantitatively that at least a straight magnetic field system could contain a hot, high-pressure hydrogen plasma without having it diffuse across the magnetic field too rapidly.

The pin is inserted into the device, its facing plate placed against the wall, and a couple of taps with a hammer on the plunger drive the pin into the wall.

Devise sentence examples:

This would carry with it a responsibility on their part to help devise the tests, or at least to scrutinize their content.

And, most importantly, they have been unable to devise anything that might be termed a corporate central-government strategy towards inner-city areas.

The barons have yet to devise a way of providing football without footballers and loyal fans are required to pay admission money, just as law-abiding citizens must pay their taxes.

Several of these attempts to devise an interference theory for latent inhibition fail to explain important features of the data and must be rejected.

We could devise alternative definitions of these phenomena but they are not likely to be any more helpful than those we have.

The accepted view was that, since the war had occurred through misunderstanding, the task of International Relations was to devise ways to reduce misunderstandings in the future.

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