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Dew vs Do vs Doo vs Due

Dew vs Do vs Doo vs Due. Cleaning up the dog doo covered in dew is something I must do before my rent is due. Clean up your writing messes with ErrNET!

Dew is moisture condensed from the atmosphere, especially at night, and deposited in the form of small drops upon any cool surface.

Do is to perform (an act, duty, role, etc.).

Doo is slang for excrement.

Due is owed at present; having reached the date for payment.

Dew, do, doo and due are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. These four words often get mixed up and misused in writing. Do the right thing to prevent this error in your writing and use ErrNET copyediting, the world’s leading error resolution technology!

Dew sentence examples:

Steam rises off the ground, drying the fields as the morning sun tackles the night’s cold dew.

A delicate circlet of gold, wired with pearls and diamonds, the diamonds shaped like flowers, the pearls suspended like dew from their petals.

The tall grass on the other side of the river was still wet with dew and before they had gone fifty yards all the men were drenched to the waist.

His breathing fetched a tiny, circular patch of dew to the glass, that faded and swelled to the rhythm of his sleep.

He made contributions to the theory of cyclonic and anticyclonic development, the formation of dew and hoar frost, and the measurement of air temperature.

The perforated plastic and foam trunk, branches and leaves absorb dew and frost during the night and gradually release water throughout the day, cooling surface air.

Do sentence examples:

Any discussion of crime must be cognizant of the fact that serious adverse consequences can and often do follow from being indifferent to the outcome of one’s actions (or inactions).

So, the perfectionist might be instructed to do something wrong at work, or deliberately blemish their appearance, or turn up to the group five minutes late.

There was a real desire to get power and that how that they thought that mass mobilization was the only way they could do it.

Perhaps I do know your potential, through the work we’ve been doing, but you’re not a computer: you have autonomy.

Features camera developments at the popular end of the market and asks the question ‘Do you remember your first camera?’

They show that those tests have nothing to do with the amount spent per pupil in individual authority areas — some of the biggest spenders were right down at the bottom.

Doo sentence examples:

Man, that boy just went and got doo in his pants!

There’s a lot of pigeon doo in the attic.

What you tryin’ to pull. That ain’t no Baby Ruth bar, that’s doo doo.

“We’re in deep doo, now, Mr. Bush,” she whispered anxiously.

My shoe really stinks. I must have stepped in some doo!

Profit margins are down and were all in deep doo.

Due sentence examples:

The figures for last year, due soon, are expected to show a further increase.

These grounds typically could include errors of law, fact, procedure or due process.

New technology installed in more than 100,000 vehicles offers drivers a friendly reminder when the car payments are due.

She had reportedly told her husband Kevin that she was expecting a child, due December 12.

Results are due in a couple of weeks but there are those who claim Sun’s run rate can’t possibly add up to a quarter of a million units a year.

A report’s due out next week on Grendon Prison, and its unique methods for dealing with inmates.

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