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Disburse vs Disperse

Disburse vs Disperse. A gust of wind dispersed the pile of cash for disbursement on the floor. Don’t disburse unnecessary funds for copyediting, use ErrNET!

Disburse is to pay out (money), especially for expenses; expend.

Disperse is to drive or send off in various directions; scatter.

Disburse and disperse have very similar pronunciations and are often confused and misused in English writing. Your writing errors will disperse quickly once they encounter ErrNET copyediting, the world’s leading error resolution technology!

Disburse sentence examples:

One of his current preoccupations is the way in which the Australian literature boards disburse their grants to writers.

Using cash and bank accounts to collect and disburse contributions for welfare was easier than the previous system of collecting animals on the hoof, grains or sugar in sacks, and it made it much easier to transfer the payments.

Popular music has received very little assistance from the various Arts Councils whose job is to disburse monies from the state and local authorities.

If the US responded to each request accordingly, the total amount of aid it would have to disburse would be “astronomical.”

Every holiday season, the cheerful owner of the company would dress up as Santa Clause and individually disburse Christmas bonus checks to each of his employees.

Disperse sentence examples:

During the riot, the police desperately tried to peacefully, yet totally unsuccessfully, persuade the protesters to disperse.

When planting a new lawn, it is important to evenly disperse the grass seeds for uniform growth.

The waste water treatment center dumped excess untreated water into the ocean and relied on the vastness of the ocean to dilute and disperse the harmful bacteria contained in the wastewater.

So many people wanted to see the new art exhibit on opening day that the museum security guards had disperse the crowd for safety reasons.

For best results, main voltage components on a new electrical switchboard should be installed in one area rather than dispersed throughout the board.



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