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Disc vs Disk

Disc vs Disk. Play music from a compact disc and store computer files on a disk. Back up your ErrNET-proofread documents on a computer disk.

Disc is a phonograph record; compact disc.

Disk is any thin, flat, circular plate or object; Computers: any of several types of media consisting of thin, round plates of plastic or metal, used for external storage.

Disc and disk are types of homonyms that are words pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. Disc and disk often get mixed up and misused in writing. If you use ErrNET proofreading technology, you will not have to worry about making this error in your writing!

Disc sentence examples:

Since the old turntable had a clockwork winding mechanism and the air-pump demanded continuous cranking while the disc played, you had to be fit to play a record!

To record music, connect a music recording source (disc or cassette) to the second channel of the audio mixer and dub direct.

The information on a modern laser disc is digital, stored in a series of tiny pits, each of which is either definitely present or not present.

A musical disc player usually exists as a peripheral component to modern computers.

The introduction of the compact disc quickly replaced the production and distribution of vinyl LP records.

Disk sentence examples:

Source code listings for the programs described in the book are available on disk.

Dubbed the RSC-1X ruggedized portable workstation, SAIC has added a removable 535Mb disk, three-button trackball and a high output power supply, plus a 64Mb memory and 1.2 GB disk expansion option.

Just make certain that we have plenty of disks in the computer room to back up the weeks’ worth of transcriptions that we’ve already made.

O-wait state memory and a fast IDE hard disk makes data access exceptionally fast, and built-in parallel and serial ports makes printer and peripheral compatibility easy.

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