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Don vs Dawn

Don vs Dawn. Most people don a robe at dawn to cover up and keep warm. ErrNET is available from dusk until dawn to correct your writing errors!

Don is to put on or dress in.

Dawn is the first appearance of daylight in the morning; the beginning or rise of anything; advent.

Don and dawn are types of homonyms called heterographs, which are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spellings. These words are often misused in English writing. ErrNET technology is the dawn of greatness for automated, digital proofreading!

Don sentence examples:

Once the climbers reached a certain altitude, ice began to appear so they decided to don crampons for better traction.

To advertise their unpalatability, a variety of species don bright red and orange colors, which are recognized as warning signals by many predators.

She should don her heavier jacket since it will be quite chilly tonight.

All cyclists should don a hard-shelled helmet every time they ride to avoid serious head injuries should they get in to an accident.

The new Miss America decided to don an American flag, and nothing else, for the Fourth of July parade.

Dawn sentence examples:

Most avid bird hunters hunt from dawn until dusk.

At the first sign of dawn, the soldiers quietly withdrew from their positions while keeping a careful lookout for any of the enemy.

The large group of young adults built a bon fire on the beach and enjoyed it until the first light of dawn the next morning.

His boss gets to the office at dawn so he knows when any of his employees are late to work.

I love mornings, especially when I wake up before dawn so I can enjoy the sunrise with my cup of coffee.

He had little sleep last night because he was up until dawn finishing the annual report.

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